Phony gun votes by Bennet, Udall

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The Washington Post reports that the ballyhooed vote by Colorado Sens. Michael Bennet and Mark Udall in favor of nationwide reciprocity for concealed-carry permit holders was a sham, staged with …

Pro-life Dems could block ObamaCare

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If it’s such a political “loser” to be on the pro-life side of the abortion issue, someone forgot to tell 39 Democrats in the U.S. Congress who appear to be …

Ritter backs cap-and-tax despite costs to Colorado

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Kudos to Heritage Foundation for this clip of Gov. Bill Ritter waffling on Waxman-Markey but backing the basic concept of cap-and-tax, despite documented costs to Colorado’s economy. [youtube][/youtube]

NEA lawyer: It’s all about power, money, job protection

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[youtube][/youtube] Not since the late Albert Shanker has a teachers union official been so candid about the true priorities of the National Education Association.  Shanker, the late president of the …

Farm lobby blew it on cap-and-trade

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Once climate-change regulators strangle the economy and carbon-counters turn gas, oil and electricity into expensive luxuries, perhaps American farmers will recognize how “our friends” in Washington, D.C., sold us out …